Financial Projections

Financial Projections – Getting it Right

We prepare pro forma financial forecasts for our business plans that, since 1997, have helped to raise over $1 Billion for our clients. Our financial projections are prepared according to high industry standards and in relation to the profit margins of the sector.

Investors, bankers and venture capitalists are essentially financial money managers who must identify the strengths and weaknesses of a business plan to determine if they will make money by “from” an investment into your venture. They need to see pro forma financial projections that conform to industry standards and that are similar in structure to business models in the same space.

Concord Business Plans takes the time to prepare financial projections in the right way. We have identified and tracked hundreds of business models in many industry sectors. The pro forma financial models we develop for our business plans feature considerable detail and can be adjusted to take into account market fluctuations. By using Concord to develop your financial projections, you will be secure in your presentations to the investment community.


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