Market Research

Market Research that has Industry Recognition

Concord Business Plans was named one of the biggest market research firms and we continue a tradition of excellence as we undertake research and feasibility studies.

We stand behind our research. We are of the opinion that our clients can be quoted on the front page of the Wall Street Journal using market research from one of our business plans with confidence that the information will be correct.

We include comprehensive market research with every business plan. Concord Business Plans also provide market research reports and feasibility studies as a stand alone service.

Our market research is current and from credible sources. It helps investors to better understand the value of a product or service, and the competitive advantages that a company can leverage to gain market share and achieve maximum revenue potential.


We begin the process with a thorough industry analysis that includes researching the size of the market, current trends, demographics and competition. We prepare colored charts and graphs that display the research in detail. We cite the sources in footnotes or in the text.


There could be three hotels on the same street and in the same city, but each business plan could require radically different market research. One could be a high end luxury hotel, one could be a business hotel and one could be a budget family hotel. These will need research that shows the specific target market, their trends, particular price points, completely distinct marketing strategies and differences in the costs and profit margins.

Concord Business Plans market research is current and gathered from premium resources. Impeccable research allows your investors to better understand the value of the market for your product or service, and the competitive advantages that your company can leverage to market your product and achieve maximum potential.

Our Market Research includes:

  • Identification and demographics of target market
  • Market Size
  • Geographic location of market
  • Market research – Local and International
  • Market trends
  • Current state of market
  • Future growth of market
  • Competitive analysis

Concord Business Plans has years of experience producing market research and feasibility studies for hundreds of clients.

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