Marketing Plans

A strategic marketing plan can save a company hundreds of thousands of dollars and ensure a successful market entry. Concord Business Plans marketing plans identify the necessary steps to achieve your sales objectives and how to get there.

Without a plan, too much money may be spent on ad hoc and expensive marketing initiatives that bring little or no results. An effective, properly targeted marketing plan is the key to a successful commercial launch.

We have prepared hundreds of marketing plans for every type of industry from large to small, in entertainment, technology, energy and many other sectors.  We begin the process by undertaking a thorough industry analysis that includes researching the size of the market, determining the target market, understanding current trends and the studying the competition. Concord Business Plans market research will naturally lead to determining the right strategies for “selling” products using both online and offline methods.

We have the experience and do the research to determine the most cost effective ways to market out of the hundreds of strategies available.  Ask us to assist in building a marketing plan before you launch so that you are ready to launch using the most effective, affordable options

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