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Writing Business Plans that Impress Investors

Concord Business Plans has been providing services to companies across North America since 1997. With a team of researchers, strategists and financial analysts, we have worked with clients in dozens of industry sectors around the world. Our plans have helped our clients to raise over $1 Billion in investment capital for our clients.

We have a reputation for producing quality Business Plans that garner significant investment. Every Concord plan is customized according to the individual business model. The results are sophisticated business plans that will impress your investors and help them to see the value of placing capital in your project. The depth of market research and quality of our financial projections increases investor confidence and shortens the financing cycle.

Mission Statement

Concord Business Plans’ Mission is to provide superior quality strategic planning services that enhance and support the business and financial objectives of its clients.”

Research Team

The ability to support and defend the information in the business plan is just as important as the plan itself. Concord will conduct an extensive interview session in order to understand your history, current position and objectives for your company.

Our research team will then undertake a thorough industry analysis that includes conducting market research into your sector. We will document the size of the market, current trends, demographics and competition. We will prepare the text sections of each part of the plan and include colored charts and graphs.

Financial Analysts

Cutting-edge business modeling is one of our specialties. Concord’s financial analysts have identified and tracked emerging business models in dozens of industry sectors and incorporate this knowledge into the development of financial projections. As a result of our experience, we may determine additional revenue streams that complement an existing business model and aid with costing and pricing.

Our pro forma spreadsheets are exemplary in the industry and clients can present defensible financial projections with confidence.

How a Business Plan from Concord will Help You Excel in Your Business.

  • Secure funding from banks and investors
  • Blue print for the management team
  • SEC filings
  • Information for shareholders
  • Investor Relations materials
  • Continued improvement of the business model
  • Development of an enhanced strategic marketing plan
  • Assessment of branding and positioning
  • Awareness of competition
  • Opportunity to examine financial forecasts and adjust allocation of funds
  • Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP) Business Plans for Immigration
  • Business Plans for Grants or Art Funding

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