Think as if it was your Own Company

As business plan strategists, we get to experience first hand, some of the most futuristic business models in the forefront of a trend before the rest of the world hears of them. We may have several clientsin a row with solar energy, digital streaming or green tech models. Shortly after these companies are in our office, we will see a surge of headlines in that sector.

Yet, how do we create critical paths or financial projections for something as bleeding edge as Nano technology? How do we forecast what will happen with Plasma Arc Technology? These forward thinking business models provide a brain busting puzzle for our strategists but we always complete the challenge and we do it over and over.

The approach that we found works best in preparing a plan for an innovative venture is to ‘think as if it was our own company’. As a result of years of strategizing and building other people’s business plans, we have integrated the task of providing a strategic road map to our core and, while we are not in their office daily, we live, eat and breathe their business model for the duration of the planning process as if we were.

It is a privilege to have a window in to some one else’s world, to see, in depth, some one else’s vision and dreams for their company, and by thinking as if that company was our own, we manage to build their business plan as if it were.

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