Establishing an advanced and competitive chemical company to ensure long-term supply for both domestic and foreign markets.

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The Company

Ammoniacore is a joint venture formed in the United States to convert natural gas to ammonia and ammonia products primarily for agricultural applications.

High and stable demand for ammonia products and abundant access to raw materials render the project economically feasible in its geographical location, with a production capacity of hundreds of thousands of tons of ammonia annually.

This, combined with state support, a strong management team with extensive experience, and the capacity to provide local economic stimulation and job creation, make the venture a strong  investment opportunity.

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The Narrative

Ammoniacore’s business plan concerns itself with not only the demand for ammonia in agricultural use, but also with the growing global demand for clean energy technologies.

In addition to ambitious worldwide CO2 reduction targets and the growing production of renewable energy initiatives, enterprises in the energy and chemical sectors alike are seeking innovative ways to produce CO2-free ammonia.

Ammoniacore is positioned to contribute in global initiatives set to decarbonize maritime shipping by 2035 with ammonia fuel technology.


The Style

While Ammoniacore’s business plan conveys the industrial nature of the business with detailed plant schemata and location photos, the overall presentation is fresh and bold.

The business of converting natural gas to ammonia to supply the agricultural and clean energy industries required no glossary of terms within this business plan.

A blue and orange colour scheme and scientific-themed branding, neither extremely formal nor informal, lend the business plan a perfect balance of information, visual interest, and a wealth of data to inform potential investors of the opportunity.




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