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Which logo type is right for my brand?

Join brands like NASA and IBM with a monogram or lettermark logo if you have a long complicated corporate name that makes a short and sweet acronym to stick in the minds of your customers with ease.

Letterform logos are best utilized by easily recognizable brands, those with a large marketing budget, visibility or notoriety to make them easily recognizable like facebook, McDonalds, Netflix, Pintrest and Uber.

Symbols are very common today and for good reason, the space in which our logo is seen gives a perfect circle with a mobile visual of about a 1.5 cm space to convey, logos like twitters bird are easily recognized and remembered in this format.

If your brand personality is a character, then the mascot logo can be an excellent choice and provide years of recognition and marketing opportunities to showcase your personality.  Think of the brands who mastered the mascot logo like the Michelin man, the Kool-Aid man, Jolly Green Giant, Tony the Tiger, all very memorable mascots we know and love.

A wordmark logo is an excellent choice for companies with short names easily read at a distance in small format like the social media circle or a catchy name that will help you create a lasting impression.  We recommend using a custom font especially created for you by our designers to ensure your wordmark is as original and memorable as can be.

If your brand ideology is based on an emotion and abstract logo that conveys this sentiment can be best represented by an abstract logo like the nike swoosh.

Logos like starbucks come to mind, usually a very distinct, very few variations logo with detailed artwork or shield type of artwork, like the family crest logos or other very traditional brands such as monarchies etc.

The combination of graphic symbol and wordmark is an excellent and versatile option for many new brands offering the benefits of both types and the flexibility to minimize the artwork where you are easily recognized or known such as your social media channels.

Companies who choose to diversify or alternate the logos shape, design, look and feel may go against the grain for the traditional feel and important key features of a solid brand, but for some this can be to their advantage, think of companies like google or the LA summer Olympics, dynamic, ever-changing but with brands that serve an almost necessary purpose, and are destined for a lot of attention, being consistent is not as important as being interesting.


Concord Business has been developing logos for over 24 years in 95 industries, we have created iconic logos for brands just like yours, no idea recycled. Every concept is as unique as your fingerprint.

Our team of graphic designers are not only professionals but experienced in the field of corporate finance and marketing as well.

Our design team will create the perfect icon for todays media and create a guide that will last for years to come.





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