Financing motion picture production and designed as a self-sustaining platform for investment in feature film development.

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The Company

Tribute Films has specialized expertise that sources mixed financing (investment, grants, tax credits, etc.) and builds structures and mechanisms that maximize revenue and return on investment. Tribute Films is organized to finance motion pictures created by its associated development and production company.

Tribute Films is founded by industry veterans who are recognized throughout the motion picture industry for their extensive experience, accomplishments, and expertise in creating and producing premium feature film content.

Past films produced by Tribute Films have been distributed by Tri Star Pictures, Paramount Pictures, and other well-known distributors.

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The Narrative

Tribute Films’ business plan offers solid investment opportunities in today’s otherwise risky economic climate.

Streaming platforms lately have seen their subscriber counts expand massively; even as new entrants have garnered tens of millions of customers in a matter of months.

The explosion in demand for content combined with pandemic restrictions and travel complications have resulted in production setbacks around the world, leading to a serious dearth of original content for theatres and streaming platforms alike.

Demand is high, supply low and Tribute Films is poised to enter the sector with strong content for the streaming sector.

The Style

Tribute Films’ business plan projects an elegant, sophisticated identity. The logo and branding guided the rich, dark red and pale grey tones incorporated in the business plan’s design.

Meticulous attention has been paid to financial data sections, as Tribute Films is essentially a finance company.

Alongside the wide variety of visually clean, clear financial charts and graphs are numerous interesting behind-the-scenes photos of crew, filming motion pictures, striking a balance between the “bottom line” and the glamour of movie making.



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