Providing validation services to blockchain ecosystems supporting the Proof of Stake protocol with blockchain infrastructure development.

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DEFI Next’s business model is building and deploying validators (nodes) on various Proof of Stake blockchains with an immediate focus on Ethereum and the current explosion of interest in decentralized finance related applications.

DEFI Next has developed proprietary master node technology which functions as a Proof of Stake network validator, wherein such validators on a blockchain network are credited or rewarded for performing various network functions.

An annual rate of return on their stake will yield revenue for DEFI Next, provided their validators are deployed and successfully maintained. Rewards will be subsequently compounded and reinvested in further node deployment.

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The Narrative

DEFI Next’s business plan highlights the Company’s strengths and opportunities in the complex blockchain ecosystem. DEFI Next’s proprietary technology contributes not only to security of the blockchain but addresses the environmental concerns associated with crypto mining.

The business plan establishes D the public’s growing acceptance of cryptocurrencies and EFI Next’s opportunities in this market.

DEFI Next’s initial focus is on funding, managing, and maintaining validators internally, with retail staking to be considered in the future.

The Style

DEFI Next’s business plan features a cool, clean graphical style, colour scheme and overall layout.

As a result of the complex nature of blockchain technology, every effort was made to give DEFI Next’s business plan a clear, informative look and convey information in layman’s terms where possible.

Standard financial charts and graphs afford prospective investors plenty of data in a familiar format.

Ultimately, the style of DEFI Next’s business plan is both accessible, and educational , featuring a glossary of terms and a variety of explanatory infographics for prospective investors.


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