Synergistically combining hydroponics with aquaculture to develop a proprietary, 100% organic aquaponic vertical farming system.

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The Company

Verdeponix Inc. cultivates premium organic greens, herbs, spices, medicinal botanicals, and seafood in a state-of-the-art, biosecure aquaponics farm.

The fully enclosed farms also integrate processing and packaging of branded and generic products and a high-quality organic fertilizer which is a by-product of the operation.

Target markets includes food service wholesalers, retail grocery stores, produce wholesalers, nutraceuticals suppliers, medical and cosmetics industries, and the organic farming community.

Utilizing the latest proven technology in control, automation, measurement, and analytical functions, one acre of a Verdeponix farm can produce up to 15 times more than one acre of a traditional organic farm.

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The Narrative

Verdeponix’s business plan illustrates the rapid growth in the global organic food and botanical extracts markets and associated massive opportunities for green farming techniques.

Opportunities provided by government in creating solutions to problems caused by traditional farming methods stand to benefit Verdeponix significantly.

Working with government maximizes Verdeponix’s abilities with significantly reduced investment and operating costs.

Additionally, Verdeponix is vision-focused, and stands to garner popularity with consumers, as it synergistically rears specialty seafood and creates premium quality fertilizer.


The Style

Verdeponix’s business plan features lush graphics, showcasing existing organic produce offerings in addition to a multitude of facility renderings.

The Company’s green and blue colour scheme echoes plant and water, which, combined with ample white space on the page, conveys a modern, environmental, ecological appearance.


Potential investors are delighted with this attractive investor package, which features verdant images of salads and seafood, a wealth of clearly presented financial data, and the prospect of investing in the future of food security for the country and the world.




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