Answering today’s mental health crisis with cutting edge telehealth counselling and treatments, including Ketamine, MDMA & Psylocibin.

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The Company

Neuro Psychedelic Telehealth’s mission is to provide ongoing support and health instructions to clients who suffer with trauma, anxiety and depression.

The company, while employing conventional mental health treatments, is also poised to incorporate ketamine-assisted therapy for people with treatment-resistant depression.

Neuro Psychedelic’s service offerings include ongoing support for recovery from mental issues and addiction, and access to Canada-licensed doctors, psychologists and psychiatrists.

Using Neuro Psychedelic’s proprietary technology, doctors and patients alike are able to connect over the Internet, via computer, mobile device, or phone, from anywhere in the world.

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The Narrative

The Neuro Psychedelic business plan showcases the incredible surge in the use of telehealth services since pandemic restrictions began in 2020, estimated at 38 times prior levels.

Furthermore, the real need for telehealth in the midst of the mental health crisis is somewhat self-perpetuating, as isolation and quarantining not only complicate in-person medical services but have been linked to exacerbated mental health challenges.

The business plan highlights the benefits of Neuro Psychedelic’s telehealth technology for medical professionals and patients alike.

The Style

Neuro Psychedelic’s business plan achieves a clean, clear and uncomplicated design while presenting the financial information sought by potential investors.

Calm, with ample white space and bold with a crisp blue, white, green, grey, and black colour scheme, the document projects a modern, medical, technological style.

Visually attractive, yet simple, icons are used to convey medical and financial concepts and information, while human interest – faces of patients and doctors – facilitate an emotional connection with Neuro Psychedelic’s core business.




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