Deploying both capital and expertise into blockchain companies to create a new venture vehicle de-risking exposure IN the crypto market.

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The Company

Volker Crypto is a blockchain incubator and fund that deploys both capital and expertise in blockchain companies to create a new venture vehicle for investors to gain de-risked exposure in the crypto market.

This vehicle includes the Company’s own proprietary token and takes a strong position in both incubated equity and new digital assets (tokens).

Volker Crypto is  lean venture vehicle that deploys capital and leverages its resources through a master services agreement on an as-needed basis to incubate and accelerate strategic investments.

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The Narrative

Volker Crypto’s business plan emphasizes its track record, having already launched numerous blockchain projects and helped raise tens of millions of dollars.

Furthermore, the Company has been an industry leader, developing relationships and connecting to the forefront of blockchain industry and regulation.

The Company boasts exclusive agreements, and its client pipeline is constantly evaluating deals.

As an incubator and digital asset fund building technology, and an investor in the new digital economy, Volker Crypto has created a hybrid business model.

The Style

Volker Crypto’s business plan was conceived with a cool, sparse, technological look, conveying the digital character of the Company.

For the most part, Volker Crypto’s business plan colour scheme is black, grey, and blue with interspersed full-colour images for visual appeal.

Dramatic section covers and crisp, clear infographics combine to lend a scientific, sophisticated look.

A glossary of terms was not required for this business plan, as the incubator business model is not as complex as a blockchain or cryptocurrency company and is clear to prospective investors.




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