Leveraging expertise in all facets of the façade and fenestration market from engineering and fabrication to strategic partnerships

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The Company

Verdeponix Inc. cultivates premium organic greens, herbs, spices, medicinal botanicals, and seafood in a state-of-the-art, biosecure aquaponics farm.

The fully enclosed farms also integrate processing and packaging of branded and generic products and a high-quality organic fertilizer which is a by-product of the operation.

Target markets includes food service wholesalers, retail grocery stores, produce wholesalers, nutraceuticals suppliers, medical and cosmetics industries, and the organic farming community.

Utilizing the latest proven technology in control, automation, measurement, and analytical functions, one acre of a Verdeponix farm can produce up to 15 times more than one acre of a traditional organic farm.

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The Narrative

Hansen Window Walls’s business plan concerns itself with the opportunity in a robust and growing global façade and fenestration market, based on the Company’s stellar reputation, niche expertise, and strategic partnerships.

Furthermore, the business plan showcases Hansen Window Walls’ proprietary assembly system with the potential to disrupt the competitive landscape with unmatched cost and time efficiencies and the reduction of carbon emissions associated with the supply chain in an era in which environmental impacts are given increasing weight in construction budgets.

The Style

Hansen Window Walls’ strong brand and outstanding reputation for marrying form with function influenced the bold and stylish layout and colour scheme for this business plan.

Breath-taking urban vistas featuring completed and rendered façade and fenestration projects are interspersed with compelling infographics, charts, and eye-catching, customized iconography.

Hansen Window Walls’ business plan effectively conveys its style and flair while presenting a wealth of carefully researched information to potential investors.




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