Producing award-winning, premium bottled water from its exclusive source and poised for the soft drink, alcohol, and CBD markets.

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The Company

Chilco Water is a premium bottling company providing award-winning glacial water products to local and international customers.

The Company produces established water products and operates a third-party co-packing business for other beverages.

Chilco Water is positioned at the same level as other premium brands such as Evian and Fiji, providing a high-quality product line of award-winning water and distributing through a broad and growing network of partners, as well as direct-to-warehouse customers in all Canadian provinces.

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The Narrative

Central to Chilco Water’s business plan is the opportunity for expansion.

Existing brand presence in both local and international markets, as well as an established customer base of distribution and retail partners, enables Chilco Water to capture a significant share of the market.

Chilco Water’s business plan details the company’s future plans, for the benefit of prospective investors.


The Style

Chilco Water’s business plan features stylish photo-grid section headings, stunning product photos, and custom-branded infographics.

Chilco Water’s branding is cool and icy, evocative of clean, clear drinking water, making for a visually pleasing overall look.

Various shades of light and dark blue are the main colour scheme in the business plan, interspersed with full-colour photos, creating a well-coordinated layout.

In contrast, the financial section of the business plan is conventional, with a simple blue and-white-only colour scheme, furnishing the prospective investor with a thoroughly organized investment offering.




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